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Creation Lab Help

How do I get started with the Creation Lab?

One great way to get started with the Creation Lab is by exploring other creations already submitted and getting inspiration to submit your own. The Get Started section also has some great tips on how to begin.

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What kind of files can I upload and share?

At this time the Creation Lab accepts image (.gif, .jpg), video files (.mov, .avi, .mpg, .wmv ) and LEGO Digital Designer files called LXF files.

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I read that I am allowed a maximum 8 MB file size. Is that per file or per project?

The 8 MB maximum file size is per project.

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I added a new project but don’t see it displayed in the Creation Lab. Why not?

Before a creation is made "Public" or displayed in the Creation Lab it needs to be screened by our moderators to ensure that it is safe to share with the community.

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How long does it take to have my project moderated?

It usually takes about 1-2 days for a project to be moderated and then published. Our moderators take their job seriously and take their time to help ensure that is a safe community. Please be patient with the moderators.

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Why was my project rejected?

We want to keep the Creation Lab a safe and fun community for LEGO Universe fans of all ages to share what they are creating. To keep a community safe, we have make sure that all of the content that is submitted is appropriate for fans of all ages.

We will reject projects that...

1. Have links to third party websites. The reason we do this is that some websites may contain content that is inappropriate for our younger LEGO Universe fans.

2. Are a copy of someone else's work. If you are inspired by another user in the Creation Lab, give them credit!

3. Are not relevant to LEGO Universe or the selected Creation Lab challenge.

Happy building :-)

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How long does it take to have a comment moderated and published?

The Creation Lab is receiving a LOT of comments these days so please allow our moderators some time to review comments. We try to publish most comments within one day, but sometimes it can take longer if there are a lot of comments in the queue.

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I submitted a comment and it was never published. Why not?

All comments in the Creation Lab are moderated before they are published. So if you don't see your post online, it may be still be in the moderation queue, or it may have been rejected. Unlike Creation Lab submissions where each user will receive a message on his or her ‘My Creations’ page explaining why a project has been rejected, there is no rejection messaging system for comments. If you feel your comment was rejected, here are some reasons why...

1. The comment was a repeat of a comment previously posted by another user.

2. You weren't "Playing Nice" in your comment.

3. The comment had personally identifiable information (like an e-mail or full name).

4. The comment was a Double Post.

5. The comment was off topic.

6. The comment had a link to a website that has inappropriate content on it.

7. The comment just had way too many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and sent the Creation Lab moderator into shock.

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What are tags?

Tags are keywords or one word descriptions that help to identify a creation in the Creation Lab. When users make a creation they can enter a tag or series of tags to describe the category of their project, or a specific feature of their project. This makes searching for types of creations easier.

For example, entering a search by a "vehicle" tag may bring up any style of creation that moves on wheels, while a tag like "monster" may bring up any creation featuring a monster.

Since tags are entered by users, not all creations that fit under a certain category may come up in a search. The best way to get to know tags is to experiment searching with them. Try typing some tags in the search box or clicking on tags in a creation and see what comes up!

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