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Rules for LEGO Universe Creation Lab

Posting Creations

1. You cannot show any real people (not even yourself) in any of the images or videos used to showcase your creation.

2. Creations cannot display personally identifying information (First Name, Last Name, Age, Street Address, Zip Code, Telephone #, E-mail) – This to help keep the a safe and fun community!

3. Creations must be described in English only.

4. All creations (even stories) must have one or more pictures.

5. Please limit stories to 500 words or less.

6. Creation Lab creations cannot use any competitive products.

7. Don’t advertise in your creations. (It’s not polite.)

8. Creations cannot be copies of other creations. You can use parts or details of other creations (and thereby slightly copy them), but you must give credit to the original user/creation. (This is the polite thing to do.)

*NOTE: If you feel that another Creation Lab user is taking too much credit for one of your creations, please say so in a comment on that creation. Include links to support your claim. While such comments will not be published, LEGO moderators may investigate and/or remove the creation from the Creation Lab.

9. You cannot post links to any website site that is not within

10. Creations cannot be larger than 8MB.

11. Creations cannot consist of a LDD file only (we want pictures as well)

12. Videos cannot be larger than 5MB and they cannot exceed 2 minutes in length. Please only upload only one video per creation. (The moderators thank you.)

13. Videos cannot contain music.

14. Videos cannot contain speech.

15. Creations cannot in any other way consists of indecent, obscene, excessively violent, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, libelous, invasive to another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable content.

Posting Comments

1. Please don’t say the same thing that someone has already said (the moderators will reject the comment).

2. Only comment if you have something valuable to add or something you would like to ask the person who created the creation.

3. Please stay on topic – off topic comments are likely to be rejected.

4. Don’t say something bad/indecent about other user

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